Andrew Reynolds Scam Andrew takes legal action to close down fake goods scam site

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Scam trader KBS Trading was recently found to be operating a fake Andrew Reynolds scam site, curiously registered under the name of a Mr John Smith of KBS Trading, selling unauthorised pirate copies of products in this Cash On Demand scam. According to lawyers for Andrew Reynolds scam mers at were illegally using for processing of payments from unwitting customers of this blatant Cash On Demand scam site.

Despite written requests by Andrew Reynolds Scam Busting Lawyers to KBS, to take down the Cash On Demand scam site and cease their illegal activities, the product pirates continued offering fake copies of his products for sale.

Lawyers were therefore instructed by Reynolds company to stop the counterfeit Andrew Reynolds scam. KBS continued to ignore requests from lawyers and more serious action therefore had to be taken to curb the scammers Cash On Demand scam activities.

The centre of operations for this KBS Andrew Reynolds scam was a site registered on a .be (Belgium) domain name which offered illegal copies of his copyrighted products as part of its Cash On Demand scam.

The terms ‘Andrew Reynolds’ and ‘Cash On Demand’ are both registered trademarks owned by Reynolds. A person calling himself “John Smith” from KBS refused lawyers requests to hand over the Cash on Demand scam domain name and instead cheekily suggested he would sell it to AR for a sum of money – adding insult to injury with this Cash On Demand scam!

Andrew Reynolds Scam Busting lawyers therefore immediately instigated legal proceedings with the domain name registrar – resulting in the closure of the KBS  illegal Andrew Reynolds scam website.

The .be Belgian domain name registrar has now confiscated the Cash On Demand scam domain from KBS and all of the Andrew Reynolds scam pirate copies have been removed.

Andrew Reynolds Scam Busting Team said “These people had been selling pirate copies of products on eBay. Through our close working relationship with eBay we were able to stop this Cash On Demand scam piracy and shut down their Andrew Reynolds scam on the auction site. When they resurrected their KBS Andrew Reynolds scam business model with their own Cash On Demand scam site, using our trademarks, we had to take action swiftly to protect our customers who unwittingly could be buying illegal out of date copies of our products.

We will vigorously defend our intellectual property, trademarks etc. If you find that you have been duped by scammers offering pirate copies, Cash On Demand scam products etc please complete the form on this site, which will be sent to Andrew Reynolds Scam Busting lawyers for attention.

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