Andrew Reynolds Scam Warns of Parasite Marketers

Anyone reading this ad would be forgiven for thinking that they are clicking a genuine link to a genuine offer for the CashOnDemand course.

But the truth is that this site is owned by someone using ‘parasite’ marketing techniques. According to Andrew Reynolds scam mers use these parasite marketing methods – where they use a genuine products trademarked name in their Google Adwords to get people to click through. It is only when the unsuspecting visitors clicks through that they find they are not on a site related to the advertised product – but on a site that offers one of those Multi Level Marketing schemes. The ‘parasite’ owners know that by using a well-respected name or product within their ad words campaign – they can fool people into clicking through to their lesser offer.

This fake Andrew Reynolds scam ad falsely suggests in its ads that they are something to do with the genuine AR product – but in fact they are not. In this particular Andrew Reynolds scam ad – the advertiser is actually someone called Mehak Naheem who claims to be a “Top Online Business Mentor”.

This person is not offering any product related to AR. She is merely using a fake Andrew Reynolds scam ad to fool people into clicking through.

If someone lies to you to get your attention in the first place – what does that say about their business ethics? You’ll want to decide for yourself whether or not you wish to do business with someone who uses this fake Andrew Reynolds scam ad to fool you into visiting their website.

Andrew Reynolds scam busting team will be taking legal action against such ads to stop these parasites from using his good name and the good name of his products, in their attempts to fool people. More news to follow here on

If you have been the victim of someone using a fake Andrew Reynolds scam site or ad please leave a comment below and someone from Andrew Reynolds Scam Busting team will get back to you.

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