Beware People Falsely Using His Good Name In Andrew Reynolds Scam Ads

Do a search on Google and you’ll find a number of imposters using Andrew Reynolds good name in their Google Adwords offers – to get your attention. At best it’s misleading. At worst some could be scams. Scam or not? You’ll decide….

For example, take this grossly misleading ad:Scam image

This ad is a blatant scam. It clearly suggests that this is “A Reynolds system” – so you click on it. But no mention of Andrew Reynolds – and nothing offered related to Andrew Reynolds products or services. Odd! It even offers ‘Video Bootcamp training’ – clearly wording designed to ride off the back of Andrew Reynolds Record Breaking Bootcamp events.

But what do you get when you click through, on the ad??
You get a website featuring a married couple claiming to be Internet Business Entrepreneurs and Mentors.

Therein lies a story…..
Look at the hundreds of self-appointed ‘mentors’ that have sprung up online over the past year or so. What are they all selling you? Something called “” – a multi level marketing programme .

Ask yourself one question. If these people are such great mentors – why do they have to stoop to misleading you in their scam-ridden ads with suggestions that they are offering Andrew Reynolds system – when in fact they are offering nothing of the sort? They are offering a MLM scheme (something Andrew Reynolds never offers). Why don’t they just come clean and advertise their wares off their own bat? If you have a great offer for products or services– tell people what you have!! Don’t use subterfuge or scam ads to get peoples interest and use the good reputations of genuine mentors and experts to try to give yourself credibility. If you have to mislead people in your ad – why should they believe a single word you say from there on?

Bottom line – avoid Google advertisers who try to con you into thinking they are something they are not. If you have any doubts about whether an endorsement or implied association with Andrew Reynolds is true – please email Andrew Reynolds direct at

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