Cash On Demand scam selling fake copies on Ebay

Cash on Demand Scam on EbayIf you are looking for training on how to start and build a sustainable home based business – you’ll probably be online looking for the UKs bestselling course on the subject. But beware – there are pirates selling Cash On Demand scam fake copies on auction sites such as eBay and classified ad sites such has Gum tree. The latest Cash On Demand scam where buyers were being lulled into thinking they were buying the most up to date information available- was a listing on eBay offering pdf versions of the Modular course. But as the Cash On Demand scam operators will know -they were in fact offering illegal copies which were simply poorly scanned copies of Modules of the course from as far back as 2004.

Old Cash on Demand Scam Modules

As we all know in the world of marketing, things have moved on a lot since 2004 and indeed the monthly course has recently been released as a brand new re-written and fully updated course to reflect the era of Social Media and Phones in which we now operate.

But the Cash On Demand scam operators were found to be selling illegal old copies on CD. This means that the unsuspecting buyers of their r Cash On Demand scam copy was getting information that was up to 8 years out of date! So in the Cash On Demand scam fakes, website addresses that used to be useful are no longer valid. Techniques that worked back in 2004 have moved on …in fact most of the course has now been completely rewritten. For the latest version – go to where you’ll find a free trial subscription package not offered by the Cash On Demand scam pirates. In the free trial you also get 3 DVDs which help you to see how the system works, an audio CD, a written Module (not a poorly scanned Cash On Demand scam fake) and a certificate which entitles you to a one to one consultation with the creator of the course (something you definitely need – but don’t get with the Cash On Demand scam fakes). See

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